The Lead Group - Senior Software Engineer

July 2015 - Present


While working as the Senior Developer at The Lead Group, I have brought development and maintenance of the
code for the primary product in house, inheriting existing code, and iteratively re factoring it using best
practices methods. I have developed both affiliate and advertiser portals fully from scratch, as well as an
API for handling all of the data requests. Additionally, I have created a cross-domain shared cookie service
to facilitate better customer engagement and experience.


AdKnowledge - Senior Software Engineer

July 2010 - July 2015

While working at AdKnowledge I have designed and deployed various standalone applications for use by
external clients allowing a safe bridged connection to internal systems. Additionally I have maintained,
repaired, and expanded the internal reporting and configuration applications. Doing so has often required
novel approaches as the various business channels are spread across multiple database engines, including
Oracle, MySql, Postgres and Greenplum. I have either maintained existing code written in PHP, or Perl or
ported Perl code to PHP to help maintain a more common code base.



Liquid 9 - VP Interactive

Jan 2006 - May 2010


During my many years at Liquid 9 I have been responsible for the successful deployment and management of
several millions of dollars worth of web sites. Using a mix of either ASP Classic, or PHP as the back-end
language, I have made extensive use of Javascript and jQuery to extend the capabilities of website,
incorporating AJAX elements in ways that allowed for a more fully interactive and immersive experience. I
have a lot of experience bringing pixel-perfect representations from Photoshop to life using HTML and CSS
and am experienced with all of the current and past major CMS packages, including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal,
PHPNuke and so forth. While employed at Liquid 9 I have been responsible for:



Pegasus Broadband - Senior Technician / Applications Admin

July 2003 - December 2006


While employed at Pegasus I made early use of the original Javascript technology behind what became known as
AJAX to allow real-time control of and communication with hardware equipment in remote locations. I
developed a very successfully cost-cutting client-side application that allowed for more effective
documentation of customer accounts while providing other technical specialists with the very latest
solutions for a wide variety of technical issues. Among my many responsibilities were


During my time at Pegasus I was responsible for successful end-to-end management of software and hardware
systems for a $15 million enterprise.



Chris O'Connor
Owner, Liquid 9

Cody Smith
Motion Artist, Liquid 9

Ray Edgerson
Owner, Edgerson Insurance



Oh, and I also like to do photography